Originally founded as an organic farming school in 1983, Stonyfield Farm is a rapidly growing organic yogurt maker located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  Through a competitive bidding process, Stonyfield selected ADI to complete an energy assessment, identify opportunities to cut costs, and create a uniform platform to manage their existing equipment.
Energy Savings Analysis
Upgrade / Replacement of Outdated
Refrigeration Master Control System
Energy Management Controls Integration
Design-Build Package
Start-Up and Commissioning
System Programming and Tuning Support
Compressor and Water Pump VFDS
Water Pump VFDS
Refrigeration Energy Management System
Advanced Data Logging / Trending Package
Dynamic Compressor Staging
Floating Suction Pressure Control
Floating Condenser Pressure Control
Advance Fan Cycling
Flexible Defrost Queue
Stonyfield Farms maintains a 2,000 ton ammonia refrigeration plant to serve their refrigeration and cooling needs. The refrigeration plant consists of seven ammonia compressors and an extensive network of glycol and chilled water systems, all of which were operated by an outdated control system. ADI consolidated and modernized the entire control system into a single platform, which gave Stonyfield better control process and help identify and capture energy savings.

The key to successful implementation was ADI’s careful pre-planning of control integration and cut-over, which ensured minimal interruption of service.

Subsequent system tuning and trend analysis by ADI engineers and Stonyfield system operators provided additional savings above the projected baseline savings. As anticipated, the advanced trending and data logging capabilities of the system are proving to be a catalyst for greater follow-on energy savings projects.