American Development Institute (ADI Energy) was hired by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), through the DCAM renewable house doctor contract, to perform photovoltaic (PV) feasibility studies on 2 buildings at Fitchburg State College. This is in line with the Massachusetts Leading by Example Program, which upholds Governor Patrick’s goal of providing 250MW of solar PV power by 2017.
Total cost evaluation
Savings modeling
Solar PV layout design
Preliminary assessment for energy
Energy consultants
Energy engineering
Engineered solutions
Renewable energy services
Solar PV Evaluation
ADI Energy visited the Fitchburg State College campus and developed a solar PV feasibility plan. The plan included surveying the location where the PV systems will be installed. ADI Energy’s report summarizes the evaluation of each building and its recommendations for PV system installation.

ADI Energy provided the DOER and Fitchburg State College a report that details the audit, associated analysis and the resulting feasibility of the potential project. ADI Energy provided a conceptual design that maximizes the output of the system while minimizing its investment. ADI Energy also evaluated the varying layout designs for each building in order to maximize the energy output of the system.