The City of Woonsocket retained ADI Energy to provide an array of energy efficiency and renewable energy services from facilities evaluation to installation of infrastructure improvements.
Energy audit development and analysis
Energy savings analysis
Preparing/analyzing energy savings M&V reports
EMS trending
Energy modeling
Conservation solutions
Energy analysis
Energy design build services
Energy engineering
Energy savings HVAC
Energy performance contracting
Energy reduction
LED Lighting
HVAC upgrades
In coordination with the City of Woonsocket, ADI Energy provides all energy efficiency and renewable energy related services. First ADI developed a complete project program for the municipal buildings that included scope of work, budget, incentives, and financing options if required. The projects were then prioritized for review and implementation.

ADI Energy performed field inspections of ten (10) city buildings. Then prioritized infrastructure needs represented the highest dollar savings sites. The pilot project included a new boiler for the Harris Library, new LED ornamental street lighting and controls for both buildings. The next phase addressed the balance of the municipal buildings including fire stations, the Senior Center, the Department of Public Works and police headquarters with expanded controls, new boilers and new LED lighting.

ADI has worked with National Grid and the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank to provide incentives and new green infrastructure financing initiatives. Woonsocket’s application was ranked #1 on the priority list published by the Efficient Buildings Fund (EBF) for $3.5 million.

These projects are in-line with Governor Raimondo’s plan to make RI more economically competitive by supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that will help businesses, residents, and municipalities save money on their energy bills.

    $4 Million