Holyoke Community College Energy Efficiency Upgrades Completes Construction Ahead of Schedule

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SMITHFIELD, R.I. – ADI Energy, an energy services provider, announces the completion of construction of an $5.8 million energy services project with Holyoke Community College and the Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance aimed at reducing the campus energy consumption and upgrading the facilities. This project will be financed over a 20-year term and will provide annual savings of $224,000 to the Commonwealth of MA. The project focal point was major renovations to the majority of occupied spaces – classrooms, office suites and hallways. This included significant upgrades to the air handling side of the HVAC systems, asbestos abatement, new LED lighting, new building control system and new ceilings in classrooms, offices and community areas. Overall, this project will greatly increase the lifespan of the campus infrastructure for years to come.

The Energy Management System (EMS) incorporated the majority of on-site buildings into one central management system. This was accomplished by changing over existing pneumatic controllers to direct-digital control (DDC) or integrating existing Honeywell systems through BACnet controllers. The transition over to DDC included 422 points to control the existing hot water and chilled water systems along with air handling units and associated pumps. The conversion also included another 608 points to control existing VAV boxes throughout Marieb 3rd floor, Frost and Donahue buildings.

The variable air volume (VAV) box work was inclusive of the abatement of the existing intake manifold and interior vibration isolation where required. After the abatement was completed the existing damper and pneumatic actuator could be removed and disposed of making way for the new retrofit kit and DDC damper control. The VAV retrofit kit included an internal air volume flow sensor along with a discharge air temperature sensor for accurate control based on space specific needs. The majority of these boxes also included a pneumatic reheat valve which was removed and replaced with a DDC, 2-way control valve. This work included the abatement, retrofit and control of 226 total VAV boxes and 7 control only retrofits throughout Marieb 3rd floor, Donahue and Frost buildings.

Implemented in a busy environment, ADI Energy worked around the schedule of the school and created specific steps in the installation process to insure minimal impact to the staff and students. The majority of work was completed during the summer and at night in order to accommodate school activities. Completed ahead of schedule, construction took 6 months and included abatement for both identified and unidentified asbestos. Now the college has improved working and educational environments as well as a way to control the main campuses’ HVAC and lighting systems.

The Holyoke Community College (HCC) main campus is on a 165-acre site located in Holyoke Massachusetts. The current site was first occupied in 1974; the campus now consists of eight major buildings totaling over 572,000 gross square feet, HCC proudly offers access to affordable, high quality education and workforce training for all who seek it. Dedicated faculty and staff, and nearly one hundred degree and certificate programs, prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or immediate entry into the workforce.

Founded in 2002, ADI Energy is an energy infrastructure company focused on delivering energy efficient and sustainable services to its clients with flexibility, transparency and accountability as our guiding principles.  ADI brings to its customers a staff that has years of experience in both renewable energy and conservation initiatives. ADI delivers value based contracting approaches such as energy contracting, demand response, power purchase agreements, commodity procurement management and energy infrastructure renewal and optimization. Headquartered in Smithfield, Rhode Island, ADI has successfully delivered millions in integrated energy solutions to both the public and private sectors throughout the Americas.  For more information, visit www.adienergy.com 

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