BioKyowa Compressor Upgrade and Automation Project Completed

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SMITHFIELD, RI – ADI Energy recently completed a design and build upgrade to the process compressed air system for BioKyowa of Cape Girardeau, MO. This design-build project included new compressors equipped with variable frequency drives and a sophisticated control system that will automate the sequencing of compressors to maximize system efficiency. The project increases on-site process air capacity by over 15%. This project allows BioKyowa to reduce it cost of production, and continue its campaign to invest in process efficiency at this vital production plant.

At the heart of the project, the state-of-the-art compressor control system provides linear capacity control over a wide range of operating conditions by dynamically staging the most efficient set of compressors at any given load, and by using the trim capability of the new VFD-equipped compressors to provide more efficient loading. This results in an approximate 30% reduction in energy use per unit of air delivered, known in the industry as “specific power”, similar improving gas mileage for an automobile.

The project was constructed using an innovative design-build format to encourage collaboration between BioKyowa process experts and the ADI Energy design team.

“This project with BioKyowa represents a continuing trend that we see in the U.S. industrial market toward greater investment in process optimization. Energy is a big part of that equation,” said John Rizzo president and CEO of ADI. “ADI strives to be a valued partner that can bring a fresh set of eyes to any energy problem, and real economic and technical value to the partnership. Our goal is to be our clients long-time trusted partner.”

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